Geothermal HVAC Loop Drilling Services
At Go Green Drilling, we are dedicated to delivering
the most energy efficient ground loops with
professional and qualified design and installation
services. We stride to do this by providing its clients
with multiple services to fit their needs for efficient
heating & cooling needs.

Our geothermal drilling services include:

  • Mud & Air rotary drilling for the vertical ground
  • Installation of the vertical loop
  • Thermally-Enhanced Grout (from bottom to the
    top of the borehole)
  • Loop & Header Hookup to the clients loop
    circulating pump

We do not design any geothermal heat pump system.
We leave that to the Experienced Licensed HVAC
Contractor. We do prefer to work with IGSHPA
Accredited Installers.

We have a great deal of experience in all aspects of
installation of energy efficient geothermal loops and
can answer any questions you may have. We can
also assist with contractors during any part of the
planning process. We want to make sure our clients
have the most energy efficient geothermal system to
fit their needs.
Well and Pump Services
  •    Shallow wells
  • Deep wells
  • Jet pumps
  • Centrifugal pumps
  • Submersible pumps
  • Water well repair
  • Water well pump repair
  • Water well pump for irrigation
  • Water well repair for open loop Geothermal
  • Water well plugging if necessary
Well Abandonment
A well must be permanently abandoned or repaired if it acts as a source
or channel of contamination.
The well owner is responsible for having the well permanently abandoned
if it is required
except in the following situations:
  1. The Well Contractor must abandon the well if they have not
    installed the casing in the well or have removed the casing from the
  2. The Well Contractor must abandon the well if it is required because
    the driller improperly located, constructed, repaired or completed
    the well; or
  3. The person who installed, removed or repaired the pump must
    abandon the well if it is required due to improper pump installation,
    removal, or repair. (15A NCAC 2C .0113 (e) (2) )

Any person abandoning a well must submit a record of abandonment
(form GW-30) to the Groundwater Section within 30 days after
completion. The procedures for abandonment apply regardless of the
age of the well or length of time the well has been used. A certified well
contractor must be used to abandon all wells in North Carolina. However,
the well owners may abandon their own well if done in accordance with
15A NCAC 2C .0100.
There are two major categories of wells: Drilled Wells are usually 2-10
inches in diameter, have steel or thermoplastic casing and are typically
“punched” or drilled into unconsolidated sediments or consolidated
bedrock. Bored Wells are usually 18-36 inches in diameter, have clay or
concrete casings and usually are hand dug, or bored with a large
diameter power auger into unconsolidated sediments or weathered
bedrock. The requirements for well abandonment are different for these
two well types.
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Water Testing
The regulation of private wells mandated by the N.C. Well Construction Act
(NC GS 87-88) includes siting, design, and installation requirements.
However, it remains the responsibility of the property owner to test his/her
own water once the well is installed. Residents should consult a state
licensed well driller to get their water tested for various contaminants..

We will collect a water sample and submit it to a state approved testing
facility and supply you with the results. We will collect a water sample and
submit it to a state approved testing facility and supply you with the results.
Downhole Camera Services
We have added the downhole (borehole) camera technology to
investigate and document conditions in wells. If you are having problems
with your well and you can't determine the cause, give us a call and we
will bring our camera to inspect your well.


  • Inspect integrity of wells or pipes
  • Determine depth to water table within a well
  • Identify presence and location of laterals
  • Identify presence and location of screens in monitoring wells
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