What is Geothermal?
West End, NC
This Geothermal project was for a new 7,888 sqft. :Pediatric office in West End (Seven Lakes), NC., with 9 Geothermal
units totaling 29 tons. The Geothermal units will be installed by Sunbelt Mechanical, LLC. - Aberdeen, NC. 28 - 180'
boreholes with 1" x 360' loop in each borehole.
The first of 28 loops to be drilled.
Our drilling equipment.
Retention pond for drill mud runoff.
Mud rotary drilling the 2nd of 28 loops.
Drilling the 10th of 28 loops.
Drilling a loop in the retention pond. Had to place pallets in
pond to access the drill controls on the rig. There will be 5
more borehole/loop installations in the retention pond.
Setting up the thermal grouting process.
Mixing & pumping the thermal grout.
Drilling in the property retention pond. Not many drilling companies can drill
were we can. They would have relocated this borehole/loop location.
Another view of drilling in the retention pond.
Completed loop installations.
Thermal Grout mixing equipment.
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