What is Geothermal?
Jeremy Fox - Boone, NC
    September 16, 2010

    In the summer of 2009 my wife and I determined that a geothermal installation would be a good investment. At that
    time both our state (North Carolina) and the Federal Government were willing to pay almost 2/3's of the cost of the
    entire system.

    As it turned out the original idea of running one long trench for the heat exchanger was not viable, since our
    property sits on rock. Consequently, Go Green Drilling's, Randy Cutter was called in to drill two 4" wells to a depth of
    180 feet each. In all aspects of the installation of these wells, Go! Green Drilling, Inc., did an outstanding job.

  1. The wells did MUCH less damage to my yard than trenches would have done. The trench would have been 6'
    deep and 180' long. A mess.
  2. The wells were much quicker. Both wells were done and pipe installed in about 1.5 days, In fact 180' for each
    well was drilled in less than 4 hours through rock the entire way.
  3. The wells have no settlement issues and were very easy to grade over by hand.
  4. As an added benefit, I was able to determine that putting down a water well was not practical, since not
    water showed up in my geothermal wells.
  5. Go Green Drilling handled all the related North Carolina paperwork and made sure the wells were correctly
    registered with the appropriate agency in Raleigh.

    In the final analysis, we are very happy with the work done by Go! Green Drilling, Inc., and especially by Randall
    Cutter. I highly endorse their work.

    Jeremy B. Fox, MBA, Ph.D.
    Professor of Management
    Appalachian State Unversity
Comfort Central - Pisgah Forest, NC
    September 6, 2011

    Go Green Drilling has been an incredible partner for installation of our Geothermal Vertical Bore Holes and some
    trenching. Their knowledge of geothermal as well as geology of the area compliments our own, allowing us the
    peace of mind that the job is being done right the first time. Randall does a great job with communication before
    during and after the project and has the knowledge and the experience to address unforeseen obstacles
    confidently and professionally.

    Laurie Schumann ·Owner, Comfort Central, Inc
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