What is Geothermal?
Marshall, NC
This Geothermal project was for a couple in Marshall, NC. 2 story home with no previous heat pump. A new 1.5 ton unit
was installed with new duct work. The submersible pump was still in the well when we got there and had to get it pulled out
first. We tied the tremie pipe to the bottom of the 1 1/4" x 340' loop before inserting it into the borehole. Yes there was
casing in the borehole, but only about 50'.

They are really enjoying their new Geothermal Heat Pump.
Existing 6 Trench for the header lines.
Existing 6" Water Well. 1 1/4" sdr11 Geothermal loop to be installed into.
Trench for the header lines.
Header trench with supply & return line from vertical loop. 1 1/4
1 1/4" Geothermal loop with tremie pipe attached.
1 1/4
Header trench with supply & return line from vertical loop..
1 1/4
1 1/4" loop running to house & tremie pipe for grouting.
Geothermal Grout Trailer
1 1/4" vertical loop & tremie pipe installed in the well.
Loop reel & grout pump.
Geothermal Grout Trailer
Loop reel & grout pump.
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