What is Geothermal?
Avon, NC
Geothermal drilling location Geothermal drilling
Back of house looking from Avon, NC Beachfront.
Mud rotary drilling on the 1st 200' geothermal loop borehole.
Mixing mud Geothermal loop reel
Mixing mud at the start of drilling 2nd Geothermal loop borehole.
Geothermal loop reel with 3/4" x 205' loop
The trench for the header lines will be next to the boardwalk.
Drilling the 3rd Geothermal loop borehole.
Hooking up the loops to the header lines.
Geothermal loop circulating pump with the header lines connected to the loop. The
connections on the top will go to the heat pump unit.
Hooking up the loops to the header lines using the fusion process.
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