What is Geothermal?
Go Green Drilling has over 50 years experience in the Drilling/Geothermal industry.
Who we are
Go Green Drilling, LLC is owned by Randy Cutter. He transformed this company from the previous company (Innovative Environmental
Drilling, a sole proprietorship owned by Randy Cutter). Randy is an IGSHPA Accredited Driller/Installer and has installed geothermal loops
throughout the Carolinas. Because of Randy's drilling background, he has a comprehensive understanding of geothermal systems and can
help guide our clients to the system most appropriate for their heating and cooling needs. Your HVAC contractor should do a heat load
calculation to determine loop field sizing as well as an economic analysis to show the geothermal system's payback over the life of the
system. We strive to master leading edge technology and pride ourselves on the quality of services we commit to our clients.

Go Green Drilling has successfully completed numerous projects throughout the Carolinas, both residential and commercial,
new construction and retrofits of existing structures.
Our set-up is unique as we are able to access compact areas with our equipment,
setting us apart from other drilling operations. With our vast knowledge of geothermal design and installation we can provide customers with
valuable information, answering any questions, and providing the best energy efficient system to fit the clients' needs. The combination of this
equipment and our personnel allow us to successfully and repeatedly complete numerous drilling projects in NC, SC & VA.

Go Green Drilling is a member of the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA) and we are IGSHPA Accredited Installers
and Drillers.
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For more information on geothermal installation services please contact Randy Cutter. Call us at
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contact form.
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